Abatement of Mosquitoes at Campsites

Have you ever went to a campsite only to find that there are Mosquitoes everywhere? You think to yourself well now I am going to end up West Nile Virus, some rare disease and all these itchy bites all over me? You know what is worse?

Well a Mosquito once it has bitten twice; yourself and maybe a bear or little animal or even a bird. I hesitated to mention that due to the Bird Flu Scare. Anyway once this little highly evolved mosquito has done this now it can go lay its eggs and produce some 400 more? Imagine the next so-called happy camper and what he will have to deal with? Not good.

Abatement of Mosquitoes is difficult because they lay eggs in moist loose dirt and expand their populations anywhere there is a population of species with blood nutrients around. People, animals, birds or you name it. Going camping with Mosquito nets seems unfortunate, as you are trying to enjoy the great outdoors, not run from it.

However many campsites have water outlets and klamboe that adds places for the Mosquitoes to breed next to one of their favorite meals; You and your family or significant other out trying to enjoy the wild wilderness. It is important for campsites to be sprayed around the areas of water outlets and proper abatement procedures be done to protect the public from the spread of disease. Consider this in 2006.

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