Prolonging the Lifetime of Transformer Oil With Electrostatic Filtration

Transformer failures are an immense monetary burden for the facility era business. The typical value of repairing a failed transformer is roughly $1.6 million , in accordance with a 2003 evaluation by the Worldwide Affiliation of Engineering Insurers (IMIA). Moreover, IMIA figures present corporations lose an extra $2.1 million on common from enterprise interruption brought on by transformer failures.

Roughly 75 % of excessive voltage transformer failures might be linked to grease deterioration. As oil ages and begins to oxidize, contaminants begin to seem and ultimately bind collectively to kind sludge. Routine upkeep and efficient oil filtration is important to stop extra sludge from destroying a transformer’s cellulose insulation system. Due to the associated fee and logistical problem related to changing cellulose insulation, it’s crucial to take away contaminants from transformer oil earlier than harm can happen.

Mechanical filters and different standard oil cleansing strategies have lengthy been efficient within the capacity to take away filth, particles and bigger contaminants from lubricating oil programs. However these strategies are unable to lure the microscopic oil byproducts which are most liable for the creation of varnish and resulting in transformer failures. Furthermore, further prices are incurred when utilizing standard oil filters, as they should be changed continuously with a purpose to stop contaminants from build up within the filter and placing a pressure on the working programs.

Electrostatic oil cleaners work a lot otherwise and extra successfully Transformer Oil Filtration┬áthan conventional cleansing programs. Kleentek’s patented design makes use of gradient pressure, permitting it to benefit from the pure cost that every contaminant accommodates to attract them towards oppositely charged collector surfaces. Because the oil flows freely by the system, Kleentek removes the contaminants, submicronic particles, mud, filth and merchandise of oil oxidation, together with tars and varnishes. These contaminants are trapped on the collector surfaces for simple disposal.

Upon set up of the Kleentek system, oil is drawn from the principle reservoir at low velocity into the electrostatic collector which regularly removes the submicronic in addition to bigger contaminants from the reservoir. Because the cleaned oil from the reservoir is circulated by the transformer lubrication system, it would then start to strip away any sludge, varnish and different contaminants on the inside surfaces all through the system. Efficiency issues associated to contaminant construct up on surfaces ought to dissipate in just a few weeks as soon as electrostatic oil conditioners are in use.

Utilizing an ineffective filtration system can ultimately result in an inoperable transformer, a pricey scenario that may end in thousands and thousands of in restore prices and income loss. The fame of electrostatic oil conditioners for eradicating oil oxidation, tar and polish contaminants of every kind and sizes makes their use ideally suited for avoiding transformer malfunction, untimely oil failure and expensive downtime of apparatus.

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